Personal encounters provide the ability to see the world from a new perspective.

Personal encounters are the language that allows strangers to communicate.

Personal encounters are the catalyst for achieving something great together.

Personal encounters provide the stimulus to turn ‘I’ into ‘we’.

Personal encounters prompt emotions that linger in our hearts.

Personal encounters provide the setting in which to arouse our childlike curiosity.


Moving mountains together

Encounters prompt emotions that linger in our hearts. The ability to see the world from a new perspective. The setting that arouses our childlike curiosity. A language that allows strangers to communicate. The stimulus to turn ‘I’ into ‘we’. Encounters are the catalyst for achieving something great together.

We believe encounters are an opportunity to inspire other people. We need shared experiences, emotions and rendezvous to be able to change the world together. Every encounter with people, organisations, companies, associations and brands is a chance to explore new ground together.

We are interested in people and all the requirements they have. We believe events are a fundamental form of communication. We are driven by our curiosity and the desire to keep developing new concepts. We operate a creative ideas workshop and take a structured approach to implementing our plans. We are extremely passionate while remaining calm and collected at all times – whether we’re dealing with a small occasion or an event with more than 10,000 attendees.

We look forward to creating encounters with you. Welcome to Live Lab.


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2016 | Davos | TCS Global Reception | Digital Forest

Digitalisation is the most significant trend of the 21st century, and Tata Consultancy Services is one of the companies helping to steer it. Therefore, the focus of the TCS Global Reception at WEF 2016 was to make this complex topic accessible to guests during the two-hour event. The ‘digital forest’, a 360° projection in the cathedral-like dome, was a continuously changing primeval forest – day becomes night, and sunshine is interspersed with rain showers to conflate reality with virtual reality. Even so, the highlight of the event was the interaction between the guests. All guests could use an iPad to design their own animal and release it into the digital primeval forest. For every animal created, TCS planted a tree in aid of rainforest reforestation.

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“Emotions that reflect the situation”

Personal encounters are instant, direct moments. Events take place live before our very eyes. This calls for a well-designed concept and professional support. Live Lab is your qualified partner.


Campaign planning / event roadmap / development of event roadmap and live marketing mix / live mix audit: Assessment of effectiveness and ability to capture the zeitgeist / briefing advice / event identity / performance measurement / anniversary communication / change communication


Campaigns / storytelling: Overall story, dramatic composition and scenography / conceptual design of live activities / design / documentation / creative and design-thinking workshops / specific conceptual fields: anniversaries, product launches, exhibitions, etc.

Digital staging

Anchoring the digital in reality: digital content can be experienced during the event, intensifying the message and extending the experience horizon / Content: Development of content to facilitate knowledge sharing and enhance the emotional appeal


Mandates from general contractors or sub-project realisation / production and logistics / budgeting and control / tenders and pitches

Change communication

Change stories: Development of visual and narrative leitmotifs / communication architecture / workshop format design / events for large groups


Live Lab, what is your occupation?

I work with people. I like to help them reach the next stage in their lives. If people want to achieve something, the best way to do it is for them to meet one another. They need to feel emotionally connected. Whether they meet at an SME workshop, a product fair, a festival or the UN General Assembly – the encounter is what counts, not the event itself.

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