Moving mountains together

Encounters prompt emotions that linger in our hearts. The ability to see the world from a new perspective. The setting that arouses our childlike curiosity. A language that allows strangers to communicate. The stimulus to turn ‘I’ into ‘we’. Encounters are the catalyst for achieving something great together.

We believe encounters are an opportunity to inspire other people. We need shared experiences, emotions and rendezvous to be able to change the world together. Every encounter with people, organisations, companies, associations and brands is a chance to explore new ground together.

We are interested in people and all the requirements they have. We believe events are a fundamental form of communication. We are driven by our curiosity and the desire to keep developing new concepts. We operate a creative ideas workshop and take a structured approach to implementing our plans. We are extremely passionate while remaining calm and collected at all times – whether we’re dealing with a small occasion or an event with more than 10,000 attendees.

We look forward to creating encounters with you. Welcome to Live Lab.


For emotions that reflect the situation

Personal encounters are instant, direct moments. Events take place live before our very eyes. This calls for a well-designed concept and professional support. Live Lab is your qualified partner for providing expert support.



We support our clients in growing consumer insights and developing a tailor-made communication strategy for physical or virtual LIVE experiences and campaigns. This is the foundation for our conception.


The “Big Idea” is the unifying core element of the story, which connects all other elements and channels. The message becomes intelligible and tangible and the the target group gets activated.

Live Experience

A LIVE experience is an immediate moment and leaves only one opportunity to hit the hearts of the target group. This LIVE is what we live for whether physical, digital or hybrid.


We implement the concept (cost) efficiently and transparently. From the kick-off to the de-briefing, we keep an overview and work with great passion.

Digital Experience

A LIVE experience can be digital. We increase and multiply the communication reach and achieve accessible experience beyond the event.


We are driven by curiosity

We are Live Lab, and we are inquisitive about everything: people, projects, trends, requirements and the sectors in which our customers are active. We embrace an interdisciplinary approach, and depending on the project we seek assistance from partners that share our passion.

Bernadette Ochsner

Partner | Chief Growth Officer

Mobile Nr.

+41 76 393 31 22


Bernadette gained a Bachelor’s degree in Business Communications and a Master’s in Marketing (eMBA) in Zurich while working part time. She has been working in the live communication industry at different agencies since 2009. She has been an indispensable figure at Live Lab since joining us.

«Encounters with people is what makes life worthwhile. Those experiences make us who we are. Encounters surprise and inspire, they create lasting memories and expand our horizons. Curating unforgettable experiences is what drives me.»

Carlo Angelini

Stage Designer

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+41 79 332 61 89


Carlo Angelini studied specialist set design in Vienna. Following a seven-year collaboration with Florian Wieder, during which the pair produced sets for names including Stefan Raab, he founded angelini design in 2005. He is active in both domestic and international show business, and lives for the stage. He has already received numerous awards for his work. Angelini design has been part of the Messerli Group since 2013.


«I use my set and space designs to turn messages into visual experiences, thus increasing the impact of an encounter.»

Christine J. Thienemann

Partner | Chief Operating Officer

Mobile Nr.

+41 79 750 53 55


After nine years at Avantgarde in Munich and Berlin, Christine was appointed head of event services at BMW Motorsport in Munich and Hinwil. In 2009 Christine moved to South Africa, where she worked as business unit director at Leo Burnett in Cape Town.

«Living in a digital world, implicates that encounters are becoming more and more predictable. Some remain meaningless, others have the power to change our lives. My goal is to create unforgettable experiences that linger longer in one’s memory.

Hendrik Schenk

Production Manager

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+49 176 29 76 76 65


Hendrik studied media technology, popular music and media, which aroused an interest in extraordinary meeting concepts and production challenges. He has been working as a project and production manager since 2006.

«Personal encounters create a sense of trust and have an immediate effect. For me, they form the basis of any professional, inspiring partnership. Every encounter is different and allows new ideas and perspectives to be voiced.

Irene Crescenti

Project Manager

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+41 79 586 74 97


Irene studied politics and law at the University of Zurich and, after six years in the Swiss Live Communication sector, has a wealth of accumulated experience to draw upon whenever her unique skillset is required.


«The perfect encounter is a ‘wow effect’. It emerges from a pattern that can be compared to the composition of a work of art or piece of music – namely when different dynamic elements merge into a harmonious whole, in an almost magical way

Kate Foster

Senior Project Manager

Mobile Nr.

+41 76 207 17 22


After gaining a bachelors in Human Geography and a masters in Sustainable Development in London, Kate entered the world of project management. Her travels then brought her to Switzerland to manage projects and events.

«In an era of hyper stimulation our senses are often overloaded, and we are rarely present. When an encounter captures our full attention and deeply resonates, it creates a lasting impact. There should be more moments like this, where and whenever possible.»

Kyle Dean Snyman

Project Manager

Mobile Nr.

+41 79 442 27 47


After a two-year stint with the Swiss Air Force, Kyle decided to join the Events industry in 2014. After spending his first two years on the agency side, he decided to switch to corporate and spent another two years seeing how things worked from that side. Since then, he’s been involved in the implementation of a number of events, such as get-togethers and product roadshows, as well as major festival activations.


«People interact each day without really reacting to one another. That’s exactly why I strive to cause reactions.»

Lela Weinland

Junior Project Manager

Mobile Nr.

+41 76 295 54 96


After obtaining her university degree in Tourism & Event Management in Dusseldorf, as well as successfully completing her study program, Lela moved to Zurich. There she began her career in Communication and Business Events at Renault Switzerland – while in 2018, she was welcomed as a member of the Live Lab team.


«An encounter is meant to resonate in people’s minds. It becomes a key event in the form of memories and emotions that remain sustainably anchored. To me, the diversity of encounters is their most thrilling characteristic. The exchange and cooperation with diverse people, cultures and industries inspires and motivates me every day.»

Lena Fritz

Junior Concepter

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+41 76 316 88 05


After studying Biological Sciences in Constance and Scotland, Lena built a bridge towards Live Communication by working in PR for the environmental sector. Now she is thinking creatively and conceptually for Live Lab.


«In old age we look back on our life and talk about the things we experienced and the people we met. We cannot plan which encounter or experience affects a person in the long run – but we can strive towards creating interactions with the potential to do so.»

Maximilian Souchay

Managing Partner | Founder

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+41 79 742 50 67


Maximilian studied marketing in Bern and culture management and drama in Liverpool. Before founding Live Lab in 2015, he held a range of management positions within the event industry.

«Personal encounters are inspiring, enrich our lives and are fun. I am driven by a desire to make the right settings even more perfect for the occasion.»

Xuan Li

Junior Project Manager

Mobile Nr.

+41 79 159 82 98


Xuan gained hands-on experience in event management during and after studying «Asian Studies and Management: China». This led her via Konstanz, Shanghai and London to the Live Lab Team in Zurich.


«In today’s digital age of social media touching people with events is more important than ever. The personal encounter with a brand and the active experience forms the basis for a successful live communication.»


Benefits of the Messerli Group

A full range of services at competitive rates: Live Lab gives you access to all the Messerli Group’s resources, options and experience. Depending on your requirements, we can work with as many partners as you need or without external input.

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