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Brand Experience: Live creates momentum.

Brand Experience: Live creates momentum., ,

Brand Experience: Live creates momentum.

These days, you often read about brand experience and its importance. Most of the time, it's about the digital space. We believe: Brands can be staged more than ever live, not only via touchpoints, but via all senses.

Brand experience means to experience or perceive a brand, which already explains what it is all about. How do customers perceive a brand in various interactions, for example when they find out about an offer, buy a product or contact customer service if they have a problem? These so-called touchpoints along the customer journey make up the entire brand experience.

Now it stands to reason that a positive brand experience can help differentiate a brand from its competitors. For example, if you treat someone very unfriendly anywhere, they are unlikely to come back a second time. In addition, the reputation of a brand spreads much faster with the rise of review platforms.


Live is brand experience at its best

Live communication is all about staging brands. Accordingly, an unforgettable experience can be created with the right story and dramaturgy.

The special thing about live is that we can address people through all the senses: spatially, acoustically, visually, haptically and even olfactorily. The extraordinary atmosphere makes Live particularly emotional. In the short term, this brings spontaneous applause and conjures up a smile on faces. In the long term, it has a measurable effect. Because the more senses you address, the better emotions are imprinted and the longer memories last.


Creative ideas pay off

The bad news: live does not automatically create a positive brand experience. Anyone who has ever been bored by a lecture or live stream knows what I’m talking about. On top of that, people today have very high expectations: the film and series industry has set the bar very high in terms of dramaturgy.

If you want to be successful live, you must surprise people. This is difficult with off-the-shelf events. On the other hand, it is worth investing in creation and conception.


What kind of brand experience do you want to create?
Live offers huge potential, especially in terms of the brand experience. As you can see in the examples below, we always take the brand as our strategic and creative starting point. What are its values, where does it come from and what are its goals? Then we ask ourselves how we can best stage this uniqueness – and come up with fresh, new and unique ideas that always fit the brand.

Would you also like to contribute to your brand experience with live communication? Then get to know us without any obligation.



Brand Experience: Live creates momentum.

Example 1: Late-Night instead of conference

We conducted the Swiss Media Research Day in the style of a late-night show – with a living stage design, with a news ticker. This allowed us to perfectly integrate the concept of “infotainment” into a media event and thus convey various contents in an entertaining and exciting way.

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Brand Experience: Live creates momentum.

Example 2: Staging on a grand scale

Even serious topics like breast cancer prevention can be dramatised to create a wow moment and get media coverage. For Estée Lauder we created the Pink Ribbon in 2021 as a visual element with illuminated boats on Lake Zurich. The image went viral via PR and influencers, and our activation generated press coverage worth CHF 40 million.

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Brand Experience: Live creates momentum.

Example 3: More sustainable credibility

Corporate social responsibility is a big topic today. That’s why elaborate live communication is also worthwhile. For our client Salesforce, we created a topical dinner at the 2022 WEF that had the reforestation initiative «1 Trillion Trees» as its theme. The forest was right in the middle of the event, partly through real trees, partly through the impressive 360-degree projection on the dome of the location. Speeches around the topic of ecopreneurship inspired the thinkers and doers present in the audience to engage in conversation.

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Jonathan Schwarz
Creative Director, Live Lab

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After completing his master’s in theology, Jonathan switched to the live communication sector in 2013 and completed a bachelor’s degree in media and cultural studies at the same time. After two positions at agencies in Cologne and Zurich and international awards for his conceptual work, Jonathan joined Live Lab as Creative Director in 2020.

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