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Hello, I am Live Lab. We believe that encounters inspire us people. That's why we don't just introduce our company to you, but interview Live Lab like a person who breaks new ground. In the past, Live Lab would have been called an «event agency», but today all communicative tasks and disciplines intertwine. That's what Live Lab loves. Enjoy the interview.


Live Lab, what do you do for a living?

I work with people. I want to move people forward. And when people want to make a difference, it works best when they meet each other – when they feel emotionally as one. It doesn’t matter at all whether people meet at an SME workshop, a product fair, a festival or the UN General Assembly. And these are all events.



So you are an event agency?

Of course I do events, that’s my passion. I create them and also implement them. But I’m a “Lab” – for me, the tasks go further: If I want to move people forward, it’s about emotions and communication. And because I think in such an integrated way, I also have many exciting clients



That means you work in an interdisciplinary way?

Exactly. For me, an event can be PR, advertising or social media. Internal as well as external communication. And so on. But for me, the key point is always the emotional staging of an encounter: that’s the inspiring moment when people experience something together, achieve it and carry it out into their lives.



What do you mean by «staging an encounter»?

My clients have visions, target groups and messages. I work with them by making their goals live and directly tangible in encounters. So I address the «heart» and «head» of the various target groups. And when I precisely align emotional and rational aspects, my clients are not only able to convey something, but to anchor it in people’s minds.



And you call this vote «staging»?

I’d like to take a step back. People think and experience the world in stories. That’s why I work with storytelling. That means I translate my clients’ messages into a story. I can now tell complex content in a simple and exciting way. The story has a dramaturgy, that is the course of the event in an arc of suspense. And then I bring it all together in the production: I make the story come alive – at a suitable location, with scenography, with catering and so on.



So what is the difference between «event» and «encounter»?

«Event» is too openly defined for me: As a Live Lab, I focus very specifically on the coming together of people with people, organizations, companies, associations or brands. The event is my tool for this. At the same time, «event» is too narrowly defined for me, because encounters with messages also take place before and after the event. People like to talk about «touchpoints» here, and that’s right: Encounters can have many touchpoints.



Are there encounters that you specialize in?

No, I design the most diverse encounters: Change programs, brand or product staging, conferences, anniversaries, lobbying, PR, advertising campaigns, exhibition stands, shows and I am curious about all new needs of my clients.



And you offer all this in a package?

Yes, very much so, everything from A to Z. But many of my customers specifically want individual services from me – this motivates me just as much.



Live Lab, where does your name actually come from?

«Live» says that I am all about live encounters. And «Lab» that I research, develop and design. I’m interested in art and trends, but also in my clients’ diverse industries and organizational development. As a «Lab» I also have a network of designers, consultants, project managers, advertisers, copywriters, strategists – simply all the specialists who are important for a touching encounter.



You are part of the Messerli Group: Do your customers have to do everything with the group?

No not at all. But if my customers want to, they can benefit from the Group’s potential: I can offer excellent services and competitive conditions. With the Group, I have opportunities and access that individual companies don’t have. But as I said: For me, working with all kinds of partners is a benefit – after all, these are all encounters, too.



Live Lab, thank you for the interview. Do you have any closing words?

Yes, but not from me, but from the popular «Holstee Manifesto»:
«Life is about the people you meet.»

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Jonathan Schwarz
Creative Director, Live Lab

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Nach seinem Master in Theologie ist Jonathan 2013 in die Live-Kommunikation gewechselt und hat parallel einen Bachelor in Medien- und Kulturwissenschaft absolviert. Nach zwei Stationen bei Agenturen in Köln und Zürich sowie internationalen Auszeichnungen für seine konzeptionelle Arbeit ist Jonathan 2020 als Creative Director bei Live Lab an Bord gekommen.

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