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01/2021 | An agency interview

Hello! We are Live Lab.
We believe that encounters inspire us humans. That is why we are not simply introducing our company to you, but interviewing Live Lab like a person who is breaking new ground: In the past, Live Lab would have been called an “event agency”, but today all communicative tasks and disciplines are intertwined. Live Lab loves that. Have fun with the interview.

Live Lab, what do you do for a living?

I work with people. I want to bring help people move forward. And when people want to make a difference, it works best when they meet each other – when they feel that they are together emotionally. It doesn’t matter at all whether people meet at an SME workshop, a product trade fair, a festival or at the UN General Assembly. These are all events that bring people together.

Then you are an event agency?

Of course I do events, that’s my passion. I create them and also implement them. But I am a “lab” – for me the tasks are more extensive: If I want to move people forward, then it’s about emotions and communication. And because I think in an integrated way, I have many exciting customers from very different areas with very different communication requirements.

Does that mean you work in an interdisciplinary manner?

Yes. For me, an event can be real or digital, PR, advertising or social media. Internal and external communication. And so on. For me, the key point is always the emotional staging of an encounter: This is the inspiring moment when people experience something together, achieve something and carry it out with them into their lives.

What do you mean by “staging an encounter”?

My customers have visions, target groups and messages. I work with them by making their goals tangible live and experienced directly in encounters. So I address the “heart” and “head” of the various target groups. And if I precisely coordinate emotional and rational aspects, then not only can my customers convey something, but also anchor it with people.

And you call this coordination “staging”?

Here we come to the core aspect: People think and experience the world in stories. That’s why I do storytelling. This means: I translate messages from my customers into a story. I can now tell complex content in a simple and exciting way. The story has a dramaturgy, that is the course of the event in an arc of suspense. And then I bring it all together in the production: I make the story tangible – at a suitable location with scenography, interactions, catering and so on. Or also online: With a microsite, video crew, live stream, voting and community platform. This offers completely new opportunities to turn individual encounters into long-term customer loyalty.

What is your vision?

I like to paraphrase my vision of the future with the words “Seamless Experience”. Our communication today takes place on many different channels. My vision is to create encounters between people across all channels that mesh seamlessly. To do this, we have to work in a very media-specific way and design the transitions between the real and the digital world more and more smoothly. There is still a lot to be done here, but the task is extremely exciting.

Are there any encounters that you specialise in?

No, I design a wide variety of encounters: Change programmes, brands or product presentations, conferences, anniversaries, lobbying, PR, advertising campaigns, exhibition stands, shows and I am curious about all of my customers’ new needs.

And do you offer all of that in one package?

Yes, with great pleasure, everything from A to Z. But many of my customers specifically want individual services from me – this motivates me as well.

Live Lab, where does your name come from?

«Live» says that for me it is about encounters that can be experienced live. And “Lab” that I research, develop and design. I am interested in art and trends, but also in a wide variety of industries for my clients and in organisational development. As a “lab”, I also have a network of designers, consultants, project managers, advertisers, copywriters, strategists – simply all the specialists who are important for an engaging encounter.

You are part of the Messerli Group: Do your customers have to do everything with the group?

No not at all. But if my customers want, they can benefit from the group’s potential: I can offer excellent services and competitive conditions. With the group, I have opportunities and access that individual companies do not have. But as I said: For me, working with all kinds of partners is a win – after all, these are all encounters.

Live Lab, thank you for talking to us. Do you have a final word?

Yes, but not from me, but from the popular “Holstee Manifesto”:
“Life is about the people you meet.”



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