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Stage design

Simple stage or independent design? When is a custom stage design worthwhile?

The stage design provides the framework for your performance and creates a scene for your story. Whether physical, virtual or hybrid – a professional, aesthetically high-quality stage design underlines a coherent dramaturgy and can take an event to another level in its presentation. 

Which event formats are particularly suitable for an independent stage design?
Wherever staging is a high priority: e.g. at a company anniversary, product launch or award show – to name just a few. A coherent staging, which is part of the overall concept, is indispensable for these formats. Especially for presentation- and entertainment-intensive events, a well-thought-out stage design is much more than mere decoration. As the centerpiece of the event design, the stage frames the story of the event and gives it a distinctive look. 
We have developed and implemented these stage structures as part of our projects: