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Corporate events

Professional and innovatively staged
The term corporate event covers all events with a clear connection to business. This includes events for employees as well as events for customers or partners. Corporate events are usually self-contained events with an exclusive list of participants. The content of the event can be correspondingly exclusive and internal, although the number of participants can vary from an intimate CxO networking event to a large-scale company convention. No matter which scenario is the most suitable for you: We make sure that your company scores with a professional appearance and that your message is communicated clearly and creatively. 
We take a holistic approach in which events serve as beacons in a series of holistically coordinated communication measures. 


Immediate, holistic and intense

Corporate events are immediate, holistic and intensive – and therefore always worthwhile as a communication measure. They can be used, for example, to thank employees for their commitment, to reward customers for their loyalty or to express appreciation to partners for a successful cooperation. With our expertise, we can help you find the right tone for your message, whatever the context. 

What means can be used to stage corporate events? 

Corporate events offer many staging possibilities. We develop a strong idea for you and translate it into all experience levels of live communication: 

  • Big Idea: Based on your brand, target group and starting point, we develop the core of your event with the “Big Idea” – the story with which you lead your guests towards the future. 
  • Naming: Every good story deserves its own name. With the event naming, we bring your story to the point and give your event a catchy title. 
  • Communication: For us, live communication is a journey that begins before the event and extends beyond it. We embed your event in measures before and after the event and pick up your target group on the channels they are using.
  • Event identity: Around the name and story of your event, we create a unique visual world, create a key visual for your event and thus shape the communication design from the invitation to the signaling to the stage design.
  • Format development: Formats create the framework in which you meet your target group. Whether visionary on the big stage or interactive and collaborative in the think tank: we develop formats tailored to your needs that put you in touch with your customers and stage your content.
  • Scenography: Spaces communicate. This applies to the Eventspace as a whole, but also to small, topic-specific hubs. We support you by staging the space to make your message an experience.
  • Hospitality: Hospitality, easy communication and smooth processes create an appreciative atmosphere. Hospitality carries the event from the inside and creates a framework for inspiring encounters.
  • Entertainment: A musical act or a show act can fuel the mood and emotions at your event and create a transition from one part of the event to the next. We have a wide network of artists from various fields and support you with the right selection.
These are corporate events we have already done:
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