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Major events

The pinnacle of live communication

Large-scale events are the centerpiece of any event portfolio. From political summits, business congresses and specialist conferences to employee events, festivals, opening ceremonies and anniversary celebrations: Large-scale events are highlights in a company’s history or set beacons for entire industries. They bundle expertise and content and bring employees, partners or customers together in a unique way. And so they are one thing above all: a unique opportunity to communicate live and create a lasting experience. 


Live, big and in colour

Large-scale events are logistically demanding. They require a special degree of experience, overview and professionalism in planning. At the same time, in addition to the challenges of planning, it’s important not to forget the unique opportunity for communication that large-scale events provide. When else do you have all your employees this close together? On what other occasion can you speak directly to your best partners and most important customers in one fell swoop? That’s why: Whether it’s a business summit, a conference or a festival for employees – you can show your colors with a clear message. We support you in this, develop your story and cover the entire event communication in design, language and activities. 

What is particularly important to consider when planning a large-scale event? 

Large-scale events require extensive and precise planning with corresponding lead time. The following must be given special attention to during development: 

  • Communication: big event, big message. We create the title and central idea of your event. We combine measures before, during and after the event into a coherent campaign. 
  • Wow moment: Large-scale events are unique opportunities to strengthen your target group as a community. Our productions create great images that are clearly associated with your event, anchor the message and remain in the memory. 
  • Logistics: Many individual trades are involved in large events. No matter if you need off-the-shelf solutions or individual temporary constructions: We advise you and coordinate everything you need for your major event: Buildings, catering, technology, infrastructure, activities, microsite, event app, etc. 
  • Participant management: save-the-date, invitation, registration. Participant management is one of the first experiences participants have with your event. It is therefore even more important that everything runs smoothly here and that features such as a personal program selection and networking can also be integrated. 
  • Security: The larger the number of people, the more complex the issue of security. We can advise you individually on everything from fire inspections, security and checkrooms to Covid19 protection concepts. 

These are large-scale events we have already been involved in: