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Event video

From highlight film to live campaign

At the event, companies show their best side, launch new products or present their latest developments and point the way to the future. Events offer a very good framework for building up a target group as a community with shared experiences. This is where we come in with video productions, intensify experiences, make highlights accessible to the community online and thus increase the reach of the event. Teasers before the event, snippets on social media and a highlight film afterwards round off the event and turn it into an eventful campaign. 


Which video formats can be used in the context of events?

Videos can be used selectively at the event or to accompany the entire journey. Productions in the run-up to the event arouse anticipation, launch the event title or tease the first contents of the event. At the event itself, clips summarize topics, introduce the next speaker or take the event visitors on a journey. Event documentation captures emotions and events and summarizes them as a save-the-emotion clip after the event. Snippets for social media carry moving moments to the outside world. There are many ways to use video at the event to reinforce the event’s message. 

These are event videos we have already produced: