Hello, I’m Live Lab

We believe personal encounters are a source of inspiration for people. This is why – instead of presenting our company in a traditional way – we decided to interview Live Lab like a real human being on the hunt for new avenues to explore. Live Lab was previously described as an ‘events agency’, but today its focus is much broader, with all communications tasks and disciplines interlinked. This is what Live Lab stands for. Enjoy the interview.


Live Lab, what is your occupation?

I work with people. I like to help them reach the next stage in their lives. If people want to achieve something, the best way to do it is for them to meet one another. They need to feel emotionally connected. Whether they meet at an SME workshop, a product fair, a festival or the UN General Assembly – the encounter is what counts, not the event itself.


But I thought you were an events agency?

I do organise events, yes. I’m passionate about it. I design them and put the plans into practice. But I’m not called Live Lab for nothing – a laboratory covers all manner of tasks. If I want to help people reach the next level, I have to harness the power of emotions and communication. Many interesting customers are drawn to me precisely because I am integrated.


So that means you take an interdisciplinary approach?

That’s right. For me, an event can involve PR, advertising, social media, internal and external communication channels, and so on. My work always comes back to capturing the emotion of a particular event or encounter. This is the inspiring moment when people come together to experience and achieve something, which then benefits their lives.


What do you mean by capturing the emotion of an event?

My customers come to me with their target groups, key messages and vision for a particular occasion. I work with them to turn their goals into something tangible that people can experience live and direct. By tangible, I mean connecting with the hearts and minds of the different target groups. And when I harmonise the emotional and rational aspects, this enables my customers to do more than simply convey their message – it becomes embedded in the minds of the target group.


And this is what you mean by capturing the emotion?

Let me explain a little more. People think and experience the world in stories, which is why I focus on story telling. In other words, I turn my customers’ messages into a story. I’m able to transform complex content into simple, gripping narratives. The story has a dramatic composition – the way the events unfold – and I intersperse this with moments of tension. I use of all these aspects when creating the event. I make the story something a person can experience – in the right location, with the right scenery, the right catering facilities, etc.


What is the difference between an ‘event’ and a ‘personal encounter’?

For me, the term ‘event’ can be too open to define. I focus specifically on bringing people together with other people, organisations, companies, associations and brands. The event is the tool I use to achieve this. At the same time, ‘event’ is far too narrow to describe what I do. Encounters based on a strong message start well before the actual event and resonate for a long time afterwards. One of the buzzwords we use in the industry is ‘touch point’, and it’s a valid one. Personal encounters can consist of many touch points.


Do you specialise in a specific type of encounter?

No, my focus is broader. I plan change programmes, brand and product presentations, conferences, anniversaries, lobbying efforts, PR, advertising campaigns, trade fair stands and shows. In essence, I strive to meet all my customers’ requirements.


And you provide this as an all-in-one service?

Yes. Everything from A to Z. Of course, many of my customers want me to deliver highly specific services, and it is a pleasure for me to meet their expectations.


Where does the name ‘Live Lab’ come from?

‘Live’ indicates that I work to create personal encounters intended to be experienced live. ‘Lab’ reflects the fact that research, development and design are all part of what I do. I am interested in art, different trends, organisational development and the diverse sectors in which my customers work. As a lab, I work with a network of designers, consultants, project managers, advertisers, copywriters and strategists. These specialists are all essential for creating a personal encounter with strong emotional content.


You’re part of the Messerli Group: do your customers have to use the Group’s services?

No, not at all. However, my customers can benefit from the Group’s potential if they choose to. I can provide exceptional services at competitive rates. The Group gives me options and allows me to take different approaches not covered by individual companies. But as I said before, for me, cooperation between all potential partners is beneficial. After all, this is what I would call an encounter too.


Thanks for the interview, Live Lab. Is there anything you would like to close with?

Yes, but these are not my words. They are taken from the Holstee Manifesto:
‘Life is about the people you meet.’



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