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PR events

From industry news to «talk of the town»

PR events serve to communicate messages effectively to the media. We support you in shaping the media coverage of your company in a targeted manner. Whether factual to the point or in the form of an impressive experience – with the right tone, PR events are powerful communication tools that can lead to considerable earned media figures. 


Controlling the narrative

There are different variants of the PR event, which are applied depending on the respective situation. In the form of a classic press conference, the PR event is focused and factual. However, experience-oriented formats are also possible, in which the core message is reinforced via scenography, stage design, media interludes and performances. PR events are possible as stand-alone events or as side events for media professionals, which then take place in conjunction with a main event, e.g. for customers. No matter which format you choose, we help you to control the narrative around your message and to increase the media impact. 

These PR events we have already done: