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ABB | Jubilee celebration 2019

ABB | Jubilee celebration 2019, ,

An impressive number

We have been implementing the annual jubilee celebration for our client ABB since 2012. The celebration offers the perfect opportunity to thank employees for their commitment. Our latest concept hence spotlights their many years of service.

The jubilees of 2019 have worked for ABB for a proud 4980 years. This impressive achievement was celebrated with the employees in a dazzling party. The number 4980 was staged throughout the evening and celebrated prominently with countless live acts. The highlight of the gala was the unveiling of the years of service as well as a private concert by the exceptional talent Seven. 

In addition, the 4980 played a leading role in the hypnosis show by magician Thimon von Berlepsch and the performance by singer Jizelle and her dance group. The glamorous evening with a festive dinner was moderated by audience favourite Christa Rigozzi.  

Facts & Figures

Client: ABB 

Category: Corporate Events  

Location: Trafo Hall, Zurich 

Date: November 8th 2019  

Our assignment: Conception and implementation of the celebration for employees with an employment anniversary. 


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