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ABB | Jubilee celebration 2023

A dazzling celebration of years of commitment

With the symbol of the diamond at its centre, ABB's jubilee celebration highlighted the versatility of its employees and brought a sparkle to both the Trafo Halle in Baden and the eyes of its guests.

After a Corona-related break, ABB is inviting a double cohort to a jubilee celebration in 2023. The recurring event is a big thank you to employees who have been with ABB for 15, 20, 25, 40 or 50 years. The celebration brings together hundreds of faces with stories and biographies that couldn’t be more different. Our concept idea celebrates this diversity and creates an image that champions the versatility of the ABB family.


The set featured a glittering and reflective diamond, which was first unveiled in an impressive fashion and then repeatedly re-staged throughout the show. The two and a half metre high 3D diamond was created in collaboration with our creative partners Konform and mediarent. But it is more than just a glittering object: the diamond is a symbol of the jubilee cohorts and stands for the preciousness and diversity of the ABB family. Just as the light in the diamond is constantly breaking in new facets, we are constantly discovering new facets of the diverse ABB family. During the gala dinner, guests were taken on an emotional journey through time from course to course. A slide show immersed them in ABB’s rich past. Each moment a story, each image a memory.


The stage design continued into the space with a retro-futuristic look we affectionately called Neon Gatsby. Dark, noble tones and bronze accents set the scene for modern light shows and enchanting walking acts. And for those who wanted to party late into the night, there was a stylish casino soirée in an adjacent room to the dance floor.


The highlight of the evening was the show on stage. Christa Ragozzi hosted the evening with charm and excitement. The unveiling of the diamond with an impressive light show took the guests into a world of wonder and excitement, which continued with the LED drum show. But the grand finale was undoubtedly the moving performance by Marius Baer and his band. Under the glittering diamond, he managed to touch the hearts of those present with every note and left the audience spellbound.


We filmed and photographed the entire event to capture the highlights of this unforgettable evening.

Facts & Figures

Client: ABB

Category: Corporate Events | Bühnenbau | Eventvideo

Location: Trafo Halle, Zürich

Date: 21. April 2023

Our assignment: Reconception and implementation of the celebration for employees with employment anniversaries, including direction, stage and screen design as well as documentation.


Production: Live Lab AG

Camera: Live Lab AG

Post-production: Live Lab AG

Photography: Christian Hutter


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