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Artificial Intelligence | Sensory Delights-Dinner

Artificial Intelligence | Sensory Delights-Dinner, ,

The AI generated Fantasy Event

What if AIs took over the creation of an event from A to Z? Out of curiosity, the idea developed to write a brief for AI tools to see what the possibilities and what the limits of the algorithms currently are. In this experiment, various AI tools provided us with text, stage design, fictional event photos and even video. Curious? Then scroll through our AI case and if there is a need for further reading, you will find the appropriate article on creative AI HERE. Have fun browsing.

Prompt for ChatGPT-3.5:

“Create an event concept for a dinner in Zurich for 170 people with 6 different activities, all stimulating one of the 5 senses. The guests are all top business managers and expect innovative activities.”


Title: Sensory Delights: A Night of Indulgence

Date: 14.09.2023

Location: Zurich

Guests: 170 Top-Businessmanager

Dresscode: Formal



See: Light and Sound Show

At the beginning of the evening, guests are greeted by an impressive Light and Sound Show that stimulates the senses of the guests with fascinating light effects and soothing sounds.

Smell: Aromatherapy Cocktail Bar

Guests can taste various cocktails mixed with different essential oils at the Aromatherapy Cocktail Bar. These stimulate the sense of smell and offer guests an unforgettable experience.

Taste: Tasting Menu

The dinner itself will consist of an exquisite tasting menu prepared by an award-winning chef. Each course will be perfectly coordinated to provide guests with a world-class culinary experience.

Touch: Blind Tasting

After the main course, guests are divided into groups and can participate in a blind tasting. They are presented with different foods and drinks that they have to guess without seeing them. This is designed to stimulate the guests’ sense of touch and provide a fun and interactive experience.

Listen: Live music

During the evening, there will be a live music performance that will entertain guests with a mix of jazz, blues and classical music. The music will take guests on an acoustic journey and provide a relaxing atmosphere.


Additional: Creative workshops

As an additional highlight, guests can participate in various creative workshops that take place during the evening. Here they can create their own perfumes or cocktails or take part in an art workshop. These workshops are designed to give guests another opportunity to stimulate their senses and express their creativity.

The concept “Sensory Delights: A Night of Indulgence” offers guests an unforgettable experience where all senses are stimulated. With a combination of fascinating lighting effects, aromatherapy cocktails, an exquisite tasting menu, a blind tasting, live music and various creative workshops, guests are enthralled and entertained.


At this point, the task for ChatGPT ends, however, based on this, we have set other AI tools tasks to provide us footage from the event, key visual and AI generated video.


It’s exciting to see how an AI tool like SteveAI only needs a few words to create its own video from stock footage. Editing and animation, on the other hand, are currently still at such a generic level that the limitations of the tool become clear.

Midjourney delivers incredibly realistic images based on a short text command. The exact wording of the command is very crucial for the result of the image. Even a different word can be picked up by the AI in such a way that it develops the whole image in a different direction. Midjourney is already very well suited for initial brainstorming or the creation of mood boards.

Facts & Figures

Kunde: Live Lab

Kategorie: Kreative KI / Testprojekt

Ort: Zürich

Datum: 14. September 2023

Unser Auftrag: To test the possibilities and limitations of AI tools in the creative field.


Konzeption: ChatGPT-3.5

Visuals: Midjourney 5

Video: SteveAI


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