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Car of the Year 2024 | Zurich 2023

Car oft he Year 2024

The Jeep Avanger and the Skoda Kodiaq are the winners of the "Swiss Car of the Year 2024". Live Lab was once again a reliable partner for the core team, producing the show clips and helping to shape the dramaturgy. The car show was then captured in a compact aftermovie.

Together with its event and media partners, Schweizer Illustrierte is looking for the 13th «Swiss Car of the Year» in the categories «Expert Choice», with a jury of experts, and «Public Choice», a nationwide vote with 31,000 votes.

On the previous test day, our motion team was able to accompany the judges on their test drives to create the nominee clip. Additional content was also produced, such as the call-to-action clips for the voting and the video that opened the show.

Live Lab also played a role in the dramaturgy of the Car Show, which had a new dynamic this year and offered an hour of entertainment. Being able to deliver content and show direction from a single source is always a pleasure.

Facts & Figures

Client: Office 104, Schweizer Illustrierte

Category: Corporate Events | Promotional Film | Corporate Video | Social Media Content | Show Content

Location: Zurich und Aargau 

Date: November 27 2023

Our assignment: Film production of show clips, show direction and dramaturgy, as well as the aftermovie for the award show “Car of the Year 2024”


Production & CD: Live Lab AG 

Directed by: Live Lab AG

Speed Drone: Birdviewpicture

Camera & Light: Live Lab AG

Postproduction: Live Lab AG

Pictures: Roger Hofstetter, David Kuenzler, Olivia Pulver


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