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Government Maharashtra | Maharashtra Lounge 2023

Government Maharashtra | Maharashtra Lounge 2023, ,

Magnetic Maharashtra

Maharashtra, the largest state in India and the economic powerhouse of the country, showcased itself at the eponymous lounge at the World Economic Forum 2023 in Davos.

Located in a beautiful old building in the heart of Davos, the Maharashtra Lounge extended over two floors. The public part informed visitors about the state, its projects, history and development. The non-public lower floor was used for meetings and treaty signings, but also for talks and exchanges around the G12 summit. An Indian ceremony, in the form of a traditional incense burning, brought a piece of India to Davos and duly inaugurated the Maharashtra Lounge.

The lounge created a space for talks, negotiations and new projects. Live Lab took over the conception, implementation and operation of the Maharashtra Lounge and provided an informative and cultural experience for the visitors. The Live Lab Motion Unit was also on site to capture the events in the lounge for communication on digital channels.

Facts & Figures

Client: Government of Maharashtra

Category: Corporate Events | Annual Meeting Davos

Location: Davos

Date: 16. – 19. January 2023

Our assignment: Implementation and handling of the Maharashtra Lounge at the Annual Meeting Davos 2023.


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