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MIT Connection Science | Trust::Data Consortium 2019 & 2020

MIT Connection Science | Trust::Data Consortium 2019 & 2020, ,

A concentrated cluster of innovation

In 2019, the MIT initiative Trust::Data Consortium brought together experts, young entrepreneurs and up-and-coming talents from the blockchain and artificial intelligence sectors during the Annual Meeting. Live Lab designed a dynamic event format that invited the exchange of ideas and the initiation of collaboration.

Whether on the stage of the Live Lab Dome or at the seventeen Innovator Pods that filled the room: MIT’s panel programme, organised in cooperation with TCS and Forbes, set the stage for international innovators from a wide range of genres. In a total of 11 panel blocks, the various topics around blockchain and AI were presented in a refreshing way by five speakers each.  

The animated, energetic ambience gave every visitor the opportunity to get to know a wide range of innovations independently and within a very short time, and to exchange ideas with up-and-coming talents and other guests.  

During the 6-hour event, visitors could enjoy a rich buffet of Indian and Swiss specialities and recharge their batteries for new explorations at any time. The harmoniously flowing spaces of the Live Lab Dome, which kept revealing itself in new ways, as well as the skilful arrangement of stage and floor content gave the event a highly productive, energetic aura and gave an idea of the potential that lies in the future technologies presented. 

Facts & Figures

Client: MIT Connection Science 

Category: Corporate events | Annual Meeting Davos 

Location: The Dome, Davos 

Date: Januar 2019 und 2020 

Our assignment: Conception and implementation of an event for the exchange about AI and blockchain technologies. 


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