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Salesforce | Annual Lunch 2020

Salesforce | Annual Lunch 2020, ,

A woodland paradise in the middle of the Davos snow

Every year, during the Annual Meeting, Salesforce hosts an inspiring lunch for the great thinkers and doers of our generation. Live Lab has been organising the Salesforce Lunch in the exclusive "Dome" since 2018.

2020’s lunch honored a special topic: Sustainability and Reforestation. In recognition of the “1 Billion Trees” commitment, the entire dome was modeled on a forest, which gave the panel discussions more intensity and credibility. The forest theme was played in a modern way; a sea of sustainable local plants and trees alternated with illuminated light boxes with forest imagery, photo-realistic walls and art pieces, all complemented by wooden decorations. 

This created the right ambience for the great thinkers and doers, who not only took place on stage but also found themselves contributing from the audience. Dr. Jane Goodall inspired the room with her years of commitment to conservation alongside courageous climate activists. Lenny Kravitz motivated guests with his speech about the importance of love. CEOs of large companies such as YouTube and Accenture were also in attendance. All in all, a memorable occasion for the host as well as the economists and philanthropists present. 

Facts & Figures

Client: Salesforce 

Category: Corporate events | Davos 

Location: The Dome, Davos 

Datum: January 23rd 2020 

Our assignment: Organisation of the Annual Salesforce Lunch on the topic of sustainability and reforestation. 


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