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Salesforce | Bring Women Back to Work

Women find new jobs in tech professions

Bring Women Back to Work stands for equality and diversity in the workplace and helps organisations to be more innovative, profitable and successful. We produced a testimonial film and a social media campaign for the project.

It is no secret that women are underrepresented at all levels of the workforce. Women returning to work after a career break are often overlooked. With this touching film, we have captured the stories of the women who have benefited from this Salesforce program.

The goal of BWBW is to provide partners with a program that enables them to recruit new talent. Women who have had a long career break are trained in tech professions and supported in their re-entry into the economy. We highlighted precisely this offer with a humorous social media campaign.


Facts & Figures

Client: Salesforce

Category: Corporate video

Location: Zurich

Date: 2021

Our assignment: Creating of a testimonial video and a social media campaign.


Production & CD: Live Lab AG

Direction: Eliane Dürst

Camera & Light: Nicolò Settegrana


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