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SUISA | 100 years anniversary

An anniversary that must be heard

In 2023, SUISA celebrated its 100th anniversary as the link between music creators and music listeners in Switzerland. This anniversary was as musical as it was significant, and we had the honor of conceptualizing and implementing it.

Switzerland’s picturesque landscapes, regional traditions and diverse dialects reflect its multifaceted culture. This diversity is also reflected in the musical scene of Swiss musicians and composers. As a link between music and law, SUISA has a remarkable network of artists and composers from all over Switzerland, which we were able to bring together at the anniversary to create unique musical moments. Music formed the centerpiece of the evening and accompanied the guests through SUISA’s 100-year history.

Anecdotes, experiences and stories from authors, performers and festival directors around SUISA’s work opened the evening. These personal stories underlined the importance of SUISA for musicians and composers and the many personal relationships that have grown through the shared passion for music. Comedians Rébecca Balestra and Dominique Müller provided humorous interruptions between the speeches and increased the excitement for the highlight of the evening.

If you want to tell the story of SUISA, you tell a big piece of Swiss music history at the same time. For our SUISA time travel, we gathered a wide variety of Swiss musicians to form an unprecedented SUISA All-Star Band. The musicians and singers individually and collectively interpreted songs from different eras of Swiss culture in different dialects. This interplay of styles, dialects and songs combined with the interactive screen content on the 360-degree projection in the Aura to deliver a unique musical performance. An unforgettable highlight that awakened memories, invited people to sing along and became a part of Swiss music history itself.

Facts & Figures

Customer: SUISA

Category: Corporate Events | Stage construction

Location: Aura, Zurich

Date: June 23, 2023

Our assignment: Realization of the celebration for the 100th anniversary of SUISA


Photos: Martin Bissig


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