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TIME Magazine | Kickoff Reception 2020

TIME Magazine | Kickoff Reception 2020, ,

Making a warm welcome tangible

TIME Magazine welcomes its renowned guests to Davos with its Kick-off Reception. Since 2019, Live Lab has organised the event, combining a relaxed start to the Davos week with productive networking.

In 2020, we transformed the bar and lounge area of the Nuts & Co. Bar for this annual event by setting up a large stage and bar tables. Burning braziers and lounge furniture invited guests onto the terrace for a beautiful campfire atmosphere. Red light accents and a large display wall filled with flowers, lights and branding elements set the decorative tone in the welcoming TIME space. The decoration was rounded off by screens showing the 2020 cover of the Davos special edition of TIME Magazine.  

The programme included a few words from Edward Felsenthal (CEO TIME) and a celebratory sake ceremony – but otherwise focused mainly on live music and networking. Throughout the evening, guests were served a delicious flying dinner and well-prepared cocktails. The joyful atmosphere in the room inspired Lukas Nelson and to spontaneously join LT Smooth and his band on stage, creating an unexpected and very special second highlight of the sake ceremony.  

The Kick-off Reception was directly preceded by the Time100 dinner, which was also organised by Live Lab.

Facts & Figures

Client: TIME Magazine 

Category: Corporate events | Davos 

Location: Nuts & Co. Bar, Intercontinental Hotel, Davos 

Date: January 20th 2020 

Our assignment: Organisation of the Kick-off Reception in Davos for the renowned guests of TIME Magazine. 


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