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WEMF AG | Swiss Media Research Day

WEMF AG | Swiss Media Research Day, ,

Innovative blend of substance and entertainment

A truly hybrid event in two respects: Informative content meets late-night show, simultaneously on-site and livestreamed: "Infotainment" at its best!

We developed this late-night show-style concept under the leitmotif of decision-making. Host Patti Basler welcomed experts from WEMF AG, who gave insights into current publications and product innovations of their media research in interviews and guest contributions. Authors Mikael Krogerus and Roman Tschäppeler gave additional humorous impulses on the topic of decision-making in a chalkboard keynote. 

The dynamic stage design also played a key role in the concept and the course of the show. As a reflection of the modern media landscape, it framed the classic late-night desk with header, news ticker, contact field, and more. The content, which was stylefully produced by our Content Unit, continuously commented on the action on stage. At several points in the show, statement videos of opinion leaders, also produced by us in advance, were woven into the show.  

After the 2-hour late-night show, the local guests were able to engage in conversation over an aperitif, while the virtual guests were able to round off the livestream with an exclusive Q&A session with Krogerus and Tschäppeler. 

The event was co-implemented with our partners from the Messerli Group. 

Live recordings to watch: 

Facts & Figures

Client: WEMF AG für Werbemedienforschung 

Category: Hybride Events | Corporate Events | Bühnenbau 

Location: Schlieren (ZH) 

Date: 3. November 2021 

Our assignment: Staging and running the industry event as an informative late night show centred around the topic of decision-making.


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