Hendrick’s Curiositorium | 2014-2015

Hendrick's Gin
Founding of the Curious Minds Club | Strategy, conception, implementation
Scene locations such as "Kasheme" or "Kauz".

2014 and 2015

Raise awareness of Hendrick's Gin among opinion leaders in the creative and club scene.

Hendrick's Gin is arousing curiosity using a series of Curiositorium events with all kinds of new and bizarre concepts at unusual Zurich locations. The exclusive guest list is compiled by a board including Marc Blickenstorfer, Jeroen van Rooijen, Mike Meyer and our Maximilian Souchay.

New, bizarre and trendy – that’s the Hendrick’s Gin for Curious Minds club. The label is using this to address leaders of the creative and club scene in Zurich. The Hendrick’s Gin club meets for a series of unusual events at unknown locations. The exclusive guest list is compiled by the Curiositorium Board.

‘Surrealism & Cucumberism’ is one of the Curiositorium events. It takes place in Kasheme, an apartment that has been temporarily converted into a bar, where artist Patrick Graf carries guests off into his own world populated by bizarre cardboard beings and monsters. The guests themselves become part of the installation and must compete against Dr Y.

Another Curiositorium event took place in the trendy Kauz club. Ben Moore, astrophysicist and author of Elephants in Space, discussed our place in the universe and the possibility of intelligent extraterrestrial life.



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