100 Years ABB Micafil Bushings | 2018

ABB Schweiz AG Micafil Bushings
Company anniversary | Strategy, design, implementation
ABB Micafil Bushings, Zurich, Altstetten, Switzerland
31 August 2018
To promote and encourage networking amongst international clients, as well as the company’s partners and clients.
Preparing a special anniversary reception at ABB Micafil Bushings' workshops and warehouses.

On the occasion of ABB Micafil Bushings‘ 100th anniversary, we at Live Lab transformed the company‘s workshops and warehouses in Zürich Altstetten into a festive atmosphere, while simultaneously invoking a sense of revered solemnity. Instead of counteracting the distant, seemingly-unrelated, interior of the location, we decided to play off the industrial aura and created a scenography, which, through the use of coloured LED light, emphasized the magnificent warehouse architecture – and accentuated the natural charm of the space.

Those lucky enough to be among the 100 invited guests, had the opportunity to experience what it felt like to be greeted by the superimposed spheric sounds of an alphorn brass duo and “Schwyzerörgeli” duo. After the opening ceremony, guests enjoyed a new perspective on corporate culture: A guided tour through the company’s workshops, which held a variety of surprises – including a selection of typical Swiss games, a Formula E simulator, a Yodel quintet, a beer tap station, and an aperitif that provided the perfect end to the short excursion through the ABB Micafil Bushings universe.

The CEO’s speech, which recapped ABB Micafil Bushings’ 100 years in a truly enchanting and entertaining way, was accompanied by a picture revue. The juxtaposition of carefully chosen words and images made it one of the highlights of the day.

With the “Micafil 1918”, a cocktail that had been crafted exclusively for the occasion, the guests toasted the company’s birthday and dived into the evening program, where they were entertained by musical delights and a magician’s magical arts. By the end of the event, the international clientele gained a far more in-depth picture of an innovative, future-oriented company, whose “Swissness” is at the very core of its success.

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