Salesforce Basecamp | Geneva and Lausanne | 2017-2018

Salesforce Basecamp Lausanne 2018
Swiss Tech Convention Centre, Ecoublens - Switzerland
Underlining Salesforce’s position of leadership in Cloud Computing. Strengthening the presence of Salesforce in Switzerland.
Transformation of the Swiss Convention Centre into an immersive and formative Salesforce experience, to give the brand a unique and distinctive appearance. Staging of a national park, embedded within the modern architecture of the event location.

The annual Salesforce Basecamps takes place firstly in Zurich in summer and then in another region of Switzerland during winter. After 2017’s edition in Geneva, Salesforce Basecamp 2018 unfolded with the theme “Be Inspired. Innovate. Blaze your trail.” in Lausanne. Digital trends for the Industrial Revolution 4.0 were presented in a relaxed atmosphere inspired by a national park. For the approximately ten-hour event, Live Lab turned the interior into a green oasis. The detailed brand world consisted of a variety of plants, grassy flooring and high-quality wooden furniture elements.

The interplay of the decor elements, predominantly in green and earthy tones, created a nature inspired ambience. Guests could dive into the tangible brand identity of Salesforce, with the help of the mascots who ensured that no one missed a cheerful selfie moment. An Aerotain Drone, which floated above the Cloud Expo during the whole event, opened up new ways to connect with the audience and created a unique interactive experience.

The day began with the Equality Breakfast and a session on “Women in Technology” followed by an engaging morning Keynote program. After a lively networking lunch, guests were able to delve into different topics in various breakout sessions. Potential future customers of Salesforce also joined the event alongside the Salesforce partners and a variety of sponsors, who presented themselves in the “Cloud Expo”. With over 1’000 visitors, the number of participants exceeded all expectations.

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