MIT Trust Data Consortium | The Dome | 2019

MIT Trust Data Consortium
Unlocking Human Potential with Blockchain & AI | conception, implementation
Annual Meeting, Davos, Switzerland
22 January 2019
Meeting of experts, young entrepreneurs and young talents from the blockchain and AI industry to exchange ideas and initiate collaborations.
A clever combination of on-stage panel discussions, an exposition-like space where innovators could introduce themselves, stage their products, network, relax and get inspired.

Whether it was on the stage of the Live Lab Dome or at one of the 17 innovation stands Innovator Pods that weaved their way through the curated space: this year’s MIT panel program, co-organized with TCS and Forbes, set the stage for international innovators of all genres. The 11 panel blocks introduced various topics related to blockchain and artificial intelligence in a refreshing manner by 5 exciting speakers each. Throughout the 6-hour event, visitors could enjoy a rich buffet of Indian and Swiss specialties and refresh themselves for new technological endeavours. The animated, energetic ambience of the venue opened the unique opportunity for every visitor to navigate freely through an exhilarating cosmos of innovations while exchanging ideas with young talents and like-minded individuals. The harmoniously interwoven spaces of the ever-revealing Live Lab Dome, as well as the skilful arrangement of stage and floor content gave the event a highly productive, energetic aura and illustrated the potential that lies within the presented future technologies.

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