Salesforce Luncheon | The Dome | 2019

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Salesforce Lunch and Panel Discussion | planning, conception, implementation
Annual Meeting, Davos, Switzerland
24 January 2019
Taking place on Ocean Day, the event took on an Ocean theme, and inspired a lively exchange of ideas on climate and the future of our planet.
Establishing a fine balance between an informative dialogue and festive dining.

In detail

Bright blue skies flooded the Live Lab Dome with light and warmth, forming the perfect relaxed setting for the Salesforce Lunch this year with an uplifting accompanying Hawaiian soundscape. The 3 course lunch, which was attended by a multitude of well known personalities, once again revealed itself as a very welcome change from the cold and busy streets of Davos. The auditorium, which was packed with almost 200 invited guests, placed the role of technology in the future of our planet at the centre of its panel discussion. The gripping plea of Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg caused participants to momentarily fall silent as she delivered her compelling message. Impressive underwater photography by renowned photographer, film maker and environmentalist Bob Talbott accented the theme. Whilst an array of plants and vertical gardens brought greenery to the set design. The event, which took place at the end of an intensive conference week, succeeded in emotionally immersing all invited guests in this important topic, and evoked new courage for a brighter world future and a demand for action.

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