Time Welcome Reception | Hotel Intercontinental | 2019

Time Magazine
Time Welcome Reception and Flying Dinner Party | planning, conception, implementation
Nuts & Co. Lounge Bar and Terrace, Hotel Intercontinental, Davos, Switzerland
21. January 2019
Promoting the exchange of ideas and networking among Time’s international guests and partners. Presenting the media company Time Magazine as an exciting platform for change.
We crafted a sonic, visual and culinary contrast to the Davos winterlandscape. All guests were invited to immerse themselves into the exotic lounge atmosphere. The tasteful transformation of the lounge and terrace space created an elegant mix of effortless sophistication, exclusivity and relaxation.

At this years’ Time Welcome Reception at Hotel Intercontinental Davos, Time Magazine, main sponsor Sompo Holdings and cloud software giant Salesforce, took 600 of their strategic partners on an exotic journey. Speakers of the evening included Time CEO, Edward Felsenthal, SOMPO Holding CEO, Kenko Sakurada, and Salesforce CEO, Mark Benioff along with musician and producer Will.i.am. Waiters circulated with various vegan and vegetarian light bites. Meanwhile the custom “The Sompo” cocktail was served in classic Martini glasses, alongside an immaculately rendered coconut vodka. The bar was bathed in smooth red light, conveying warmth, whilst subtly highlighting Time and Sompo’s corporate colours. A highlight of the evening was the “Kagami Wari” ritual, a traditional Sake ceremony in which all invited guests clinked glasses with wooden “Masu” cups. LT provided the tropical musical accompaniment of the evening with a guest appearance from will.i.am. Thanks to cozy blankets, fire bowls and mulled wine the Nuts & Co. Lounge Bar terrace offered the guests the ideal ambience to exchange ideas, deepen conversations and make valuable connections.

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