ABB Anniversary Celebration | 2011-2016

ABB Schweiz AG
Event for jubilarians (long-term employees) | Strategy, conception, digital presentation, implementation
Trafo cinema in Baden, Switzerland
ABB celebrates decades of commitment – because the employees’ hard work advances everyone.
From blue-collar workers to top managers, all long-term employees are invited to a glamorous event featuring a dinner, music, and a journey back in time to when they joined ABB. To accompany it, Live Lab directs fictional Tagesschau programmes with Andrea Vetsch.

Since 2011, Live Lab accompanies the ABB-Event for employees celebrating their anniversary. Until 2017, the event was implemented with the old concept (in 2017, Live Lab was allowed to redesign the event and implement it with the new concept for the second year in a row.)

ABB is an international energy and automation company that depends on the expertise of its internal workforce. This is why every member of staff who works for ABB Switzerland for 15, 25, 40 or 50 years receives a special thank you from the company in the form of a festival at the Trafo complex in Baden. The event is attended by up to 500 employees each year. The atmosphere at this event was certainly festive, with actress Melanie Winiger serving as the compère for the event, which included dinner and a show. The employees celebrating their milestone achievements were taken on a journey through time: together with Tagesschau presenter Andrea Vetsch, Live Lab put on a fictitious news report focusing on impressions and innovations back when the staff members started at ABB. There was much laughter when the spotlight shone on the ‘ground-breaking’ Natel C mobile phone – the size of a suitcase – and when Andrea Vetsch presented a segment in the robotic style of a 1960s TV anchor. Live Lab has supported ABB’s event since 2011. We look forward to being able to celebrate with the same employees once again in five years’ time.