PORR Congress | 2017

Business and future conference for all international units and partners | Conception, digital presentation, implementation
Austria Center Vienna, Vienna, Austria
February 2017
Getting participants on board by bringing strategic content alive.
With a spellbinding set that adds a new dimension of interactive experience to the room. The geometric object shows motivational films and informative animations that blend perfectly with real-world events on the stage.

PORR manages major construction projects, including bridges over fjords in Norway, office blocks in Germany and an underground railway in Doha, Qatar. The PORR Congress is held in Vienna every two years. The construction company uses the event as an opportunity to present joint commercial success stories and strategies for the future to 2,000 attendees from all its international business units. To attract the right talent to the company, the congress’s programme has to be inspiring and interactive. At PORR, it is not enough to simply acknowledge the figures, strategies and aspirations of the attendees – an emotional connection is essential for global teamwork to actually mean something. This is why Live Lab designed a 10 metre high stage in the shape of a geometric body with different levels. Live Lab brought the setting to life with film clips and animations choreographed to blend projection with reality. Things kicked off with a projected film featuring the company’s executive board, whose members miss the event due to humorous circumstances. The board members do everything they can to get to the event on time, even heroically tunnelling through the building’s roof – and then actually abseiling from the ceiling on to the stage. And with that, the congress began. Throughout the event, the geometric body displayed content from PORR: the company’s strategies took the form of projected animations flitting between the past and present, with the content serving as a neat parallel to what was happening on stage. The scale of the set design highlighted PORR’s goal of pursuing further technological and structural progress, and ensuring above all else that its workforce remains highly motivated. Judging from the reactions at the event, they certainly are.

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