PORR Exhibition | 2017

‘World of PORR’ adventure exhibition at the international PORR Congress | Strategy, conception, implementation
Austria Center Vienna, Vienna, Austria
February 2017
Demonstrating that every conference participant is part of the exciting ‘World of PORR’.
In the ‘World of PORR’, participants experience PORR’s innovations, see themselves in its ambitious projects and have fun: for example, by climbing inside an electric digger for a test of their dexterity.

PORR manages major construction projects, including bridges over fjords in Norway, office blocks in Germany and an underground railway in Doha, Qatar. The PORR Congress is held in Vienna every two years. The construction company uses the event as an opportunity to present joint commercial success stories and strategies for the future to 2,000 participants from all its international business units. Technological and structural progress is the key driving factor at PORR, which is why the company seeks to keep its employees motivated. In addition to presenting facts and figures about the company, PORR also wanted to establish an emotional connection with its staff. Live Lab was tasked with developing an exhibition, titled ‘World of PORR, to be shown at the Congress. The exhibition gave visitors the chance to enter a walk-in pipe, where they were then taken on a simulated journey through a special tunnel to view the largest drilling head in the world: manufactured by PORR, the head has a diameter of 21 metres. Visitors could also track construction equipment on a digital map, with every PORR unit fitted with a GPS system, and use virtual reality technology designed by PORR to walk through buildings not yet built. Guests were also invited to try to stack buckets in a PORR electric digger. These were just some of the many activities on offer. PORR also presented the huge range of exciting international projects it is currently working on, so every participant was able to recognise their own efforts and commitment. Furthermore, all furnishings were made from the company’s own materials, namely pallets and panels. All these efforts were successful in establishing an emotional connection between PORR and its employees. Most visitors did not want to leave the ‘World of PORR’ at the end of the exhibition. Photos ©astridknie/PORR

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