Salesforce Basecamp Zurich | 2017-2018

Salesforce Basecamp, panel | Implementation
Samsung Hall Zürich, Dübendorf, Switzerland
July 2017 and 2018
Networking and learning about the digital technologies of tomorrow. Underlining Salesforce’s leading position in the digital age.
Transforming every inch of Samsung Hall into an immersive and formative brand experience offering high recognition value for the Salesforce brand.

The Salesforce Basecamp takes place twice a year, in Zurich each summer, and in another region of Switzerland in winter.

For the second consecutive year, Live Lab organised the Salesforce Basecamp Zürich in early July 2018. After the closure of the Keynote’s main program, guests had the opportunity to take part in a variety of topic discussions in several Breakout sessions. Salesforce partners, and potential future clients, were among the 1’200 guests in Samsung Hall Zürich, in Dübendorf – a number which, compared to last year, reached a new high. Surrounded by a set design, which was inspired by the environment of a national park, guests were introduced to a series of incredibly innovative, new technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence or GDPR. These embody the advancement of the fourth industrial revolution and will fundamentally change all industries, including our daily lives. Every square foot of Samsung Hall, from the site’s foyer and main hall, to the lounge area and Breakout session rooms, saw a complete metamorphosis into an extraordinary green oasis – all of which took place during the 10-hour event. The resulting landscape that consisted of plants, bushes and a selection of wooden furniture and other natural elements, was just one of many highlights of the event – and cemented Salesforce’s brand identity for all attending guests into an unforgettable, spatial experience.

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