The Equality Lounge | Panorama Hotel and Suite | 2019

The Female Quotient
The Equality Lounge | concept, planning and implementation
Panorama Hotel and Panorama Suite, Davos
22. - 24. January 2019
Networking and Exchange
Combination of a multi-day panel series, which showed all participants a very voluminous picture of The Female Quotient's commitment and a coordinated spatial concept, which gave them sufficient space and playing surface to discuss the discussed topics in detail and give them their own momentum.

“The Female Quotient” is committed to gender equality in the workplace through collaboration. The highly-attended event format spanned over 3 days of the annual meeting in Davos and presented itself to visitors in a series of panels in which prominent speakers and company leaders introduced metrics for activation, accountability and diversity. Each panel focused on a specific topic of equality in the workplace and was presented by carefully selected speakers. The event, which took place in a relaxed atmosphere, attracted a large number of dedicated and interested guests. On the last day of the event children of a winter holiday camp visited the event and got the chance to interact with the invited guests and speakers. Their experiences were then shared with each other in group session. The coordination of the numerous speakers in the course of each event day and the optimal use of the intensively visited event space presented the biggest challenge of the event. It was through a clever spatial concept that combined an informative panel area with a space where guests could relax while reflecting upon the content of the panels, that the right balance of activation, collaboration and amusement was found.

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