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Projection mapping

Projections make you look closer

Projection mappings are extremely flexible. You can use a wide variety of shapes and materials as projection surfaces: A 360° dome tent, building facades, statues, gauze structures, curtains of water or fog – if you have the imagination, you can turn almost any surface into a canvas for your message. They require a lot of planning and conception but are particularly effective emotionally. 


The limits lie in one’s own imagination

With projection mapping, multimedia content can be adapted to different structures, buildings or landmarks. This creates worlds of their own in which your target group can immerse themselves. The content must be well coordinated with the story of the campaign and the event dramaturgy. This way, stories can be experienced and anchor themselves impressively. From immersion into a digital forest or a deep-sea aquarium, to the depiction of the various industrial revolutions. Everything is possible. Imagination is the only limit.  

We recommend allowing enough lead time for conception and development of the content. In addition, the greatest impact can also be achieved here if the story of the projection is included in the overall event journey. 

We have already done these projection mappings: