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Digital stays, Live wins

Digital stays, Live wins, ,

Digital stays, Live wins

“Digital” can do everything that “live” can’t. It can expand an episodic event into a campaign. Let’s take the opportunity of digitisation. Outlook into the Brave New World of live campaigns.


What can “digital” do that “live” can’t? Digital technologies help create a new dimension. They increase the curiosity of the target groups (the event-driving economy) and prolong the lasting effect of the experience. In addition, an experience can be made accessible to additional target groups.
Another plus point is that digitisation is not tied to the linearity of time. We can make tweaks. We are in an era in which we can go beyond the limitation of space and time with staging. Suddenly completely new topics come to the surface such as: Why limit yourself to a single event that takes place on one or two days when you can think of the event as a “live” campaign? The greater reach of virtual events allows our customers to leave it to their target groups when and where they want to participate: Attending a live event or taking part online during or after an event?

Transformation: The live communications industry is changing

We are still at the very beginning of a development with hybrid events, but it is foreseeable that it will lead to a new, beautiful, courageous world of branding experiences. The best way to face the future is to shape it. The will to change is a prerequisite for overcoming the current crisis. This is nothing new for Live Lab. We have been working with a transformation coach for more than ten years. Change was an issue for us long before Covid19. We have not been forced to change by circumstances, although they do motivate us to continue on our path. For Live Lab, the willingness to change is a way of life, a mindset. To put it in a buzzword: you have to stay agile. We are also fortunate to learn a lot from our technology customers. Live Lab is experienced in conducting virtual conferences and online workshops.

What do we want to achieve with our event campaign and what content do we get there with? The key question when using digital technologies to extend a live event is: Technology is only the means to an end to get to a certain goal. The challenge that digitization poses is that we have to think and act much more conceptually. This content aspect is crucial because online we are reduced to our sense of hearing and sight. Online dramaturgy and content must be all the stronger.

Users have to be recorded much more dramatically on online channels with interactions, gamification, because the arc of tension fizzles out much faster online than live due to the reduced senses of sight and hearing. There’s no business without show business. There is a fundamental difference whether I take part in an event live or whether I am there online. Live events are currently only possible in exceptional cases. But they will return. We have no doubts about that. Our customers have always confirmed to us what a great opportunity personal encounters create.
As already mentioned, the digital can do a lot more, but in some areas it can never catch up with the real event: It cannot replace the accidental, the unplanned of the personal meeting, what we would describe as “serendipity”, and the experience with all the senses.

The crisis in live events also means an accelerated change in the industry. In another year we will be even more adept at creating first-class hybrid experiences in terms of content. We will be able to stage lasting, strategically appropriate experiences. Today we have only reached the tip of the iceberg. The future will involve diving into the worlds of hybrid dramaturgy and content.

Article published in „Smartville Digital

Digital stays, Live wins
Digital stays, Live wins

Maximilian Souchay
Managing Partner | Founder

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Maximilian studied marketing in Bern and culture management and drama in Liverpool. Before founding Live Lab in 2015, he held a range of management positions within the event industry.

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