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Misk Foundation | Youth Majlis Pavilion 2023

Misk Foundation | Youth Majlis Pavilion 2023, ,

A living room for youth

The Saudi Arabian Misk Foundation held its meetings at the Davos 2023 Annual Meeting in the Youth Majlis Pavilion, the Arabic word for "living room." This is where members of the community meet to discuss pressing issues. As one of the only youth pavilions at the WEF, Misk gathered their guests around the theme of "Generation Transformation" to connect the unique strengths of all generations and create lasting positive change.


With the pavilion, Misk has created a platform for dialog between generations worldwide. In this way, the foundation wants to give young people the opportunity to get involved and find solutions to global challenges. The foundation had set up four interactive areas in the pavilion: The “Library” as a platform for dialogue, which offered the opportunity to learn about the best initiatives and solutions to global challenges. The “Misk World”, where an interactive gallery presented the most important milestones of the Misk Foundation since its foundation. The “Generation Transformation” initiative, which provided an interactive experience to explain the concept, and the immersive “Generation Transformation” experience, which allowed visitors to explore the values, characteristics and contributions of each generation. This highlighted Youth Majlis’ potential for intergenerational dialogue, which was fostered by #PoweredByYouth.

The modular, temporary wooden structure of the “Youth Council” in the center of Davos was modeled on Al-Sadu. Al-Sadu is the traditional weaving art of the Bedouins in the rural regions of the United Arab Emirates and has been included by UNESCO in the list of intangible cultural heritage. Live Lab assisted the Misk Fondation with the construction of the pavilion, the accurate implementation of the rendering for the interior spaces created by the client, and the supervision of the broadcast during the events. The sustainable timber construction was realized exclusively with regional suppliers, from the building material to the power supply.

The Youth Majlis brought together over 38 speakers from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and around the world in 16 brainstorming sessions and meetings. More than 2,700 leaders, decision makers and thought leaders from 68 countries visited the pavilion over five days and exchanged ideas. In addition, about 35 global leaders and decision-makers from the U.S., China, Singapore, South Africa, India, Egypt, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia came together to promote a new, youth-centric approach to global collaboration.

Facts & Figures

Client: MISK Foundation

Category: Corporate Events / Annual Meeting Davos 2023

Location: Davos

Date: 16. – 20. January 2023

Our assignment: construction, concept implementation and broadcasting


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