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RoadCross Schweiz | Prevention Film

Berührendes Portrait im Namen der Verkehrssicherheit

As a foundation, RoadCross Switzerland is advocating for road safety. In 2020, we are implementing a prevention film with them.

Those affected can turn to RoadCross for counselling sessions and are accompanied in their legal and health processes. The foundation also campaigns politically for more road safety. They hold workshops in schools to teach young people more mindful behaviour in road traffic. For this purpose, RoadCross profiles people who have been affected by road accidents and who share their experiences. Abra is one of them – we captured her touching story in a 12-minute portrait. Here we present an excerpt of it.  

Facts & Figures

Client: RoadCross

Category: Corporate Video

Location: Zürich

Date: 2020

Unser Auftrag: Conception and production of a testimonial film.


Production & CD: Live Lab AG 

Director: Romeo Janczer, Live Lab AG

Camera: Nicolò Settegrana, Miriam Rivas  

Light: Eliane Dürst

Post-production: Live Lab AG 


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