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SAP | Partner presence at the SMG Forum

SAP | Partner presence at the SMG Forum, ,

Are you a quick decision maker or a ponderer?

As a technology partner of the 56th Forum of the Swiss Management Society, SAP wanted to present an unexpected side to the participants. Live Lab created a personal interaction with the "Instinkt-o-meter", which summarised the opinions of the day into an overall picture.

The 56th SMG Forum focused on the topic of instinct. Accordingly, we created the presence of our customer SAP, which was the technology partner of the event to fit the topic. We designed an «Instinct-o-meter» that was filled with content live during the event. The interactive exchange was deliberately planned as an alternation to the keynotes and gave the guests the opportunity to voice their individual impressions and opinions on the topic. At the entrance every guest was confronted with a choice: rocket, heart, brain or calculator? The spontaneously selected instinct type was visibly affixed to the name tag and often served as an icebreaker for conversations between the guests.  

During breaks, Kathrin Hönegger conducted short interviews for SAP, while the illustrators Knut and Christian Eckert humorously portrayed the interested participants. The contents of each individual conversations were incorporated into the drawing and the instinct type was underlined by the coordinating colour. After the event, the individual portraits were sent to the participants with a thank-you card. At the end of the interview, the participant’s instinct type was noted on the large «Instinct-o-meter» drawing. All around it, impulses from the presentations and conversations were used to fill the canvas. Thus, a unique mood board of opinions came to life over the course of the day, which was presented on stage towards the end. This way, we learnt that most of those present identified as instinct type “heart”: sometimes they even decide against the given data situation. 

Facts & Figures

Client: SAP Switzerland

Category: Corporate events  

Location: AURA, Zürich 

Date: September 19th 2019  

Our assignment: Staging SAP as a partner of the SMG Forum 2019 


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