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TIME Magazine | TIME100 Dinner 2020

TIME Magazine | TIME100 Dinner 2020, ,

A Dinner with the friends of TIME

Ahead of the official reception in the evening, TIME Magazine welcomes selected VIP guests in an intimate atmosphere at the TIME100 Dinner. Live Lab has been organising the high-profile event since 2019.

The Time Magazine Dinner served as an introductory event to the TIME Kick-off Reception (VERLINKUNG) in 2020 as well, and as such was deliberately housed in the same hotel. This allowed for a quick transition between the two events.  

We adapted the narrow Al Pino space to the needs of Time Magazine by creating a space for a small panel stage. In doing so, the stage was seamlessly integrated into the narrower passageway of the restaurant area, creating a brand-appropriate and cosy ambience. The space was adorned with decorative elements such as flower vases and vases with floating candles. The cosy atmosphere was further enhanced by classy red LED accent spots and dimmed lighting. 

In this intimate atmosphere, guests were able to enjoy an excellent meal and rousing conversations both with table neighbours and between panellists Klaus Schwab (founder of the World Economic Forum) and Marc Benioff (CEO Salesforce and owner of TIME USA, LLC.). 

Facts & Figures

Client: TIME Magazine 

Category: Corporate events | Davos 

Location: Al Pino Restaurant, Intercontinental Hotel, Davos 

Date: January 2oth 2020 

Our assignment: Organisation of the TIME100 dinner including panel discussion 


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