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TIME | T100 Dinner & TIME Reception 2023

Common visions for a sustainable future

As part of this year's Annual Meeting in Davos, the exclusive TIME Magazine T100 Dinner was held for the fifth time with high-profile guests. The aim of the event was to exchange ideas, to be inspired by successful leaders and entrepreneurs and to strengthen the partnership between SOMPO Holding, Salesforce and TIME Magazine. Live Lab provided valuable support in the planning, organisation and execution.

In keeping with the  look and feel of TIME Magazine, the “Cheesefactory” restaurant at the AlpenGolds Hotel was redecorated in red. Every detail, from the stage to the decoration and lighting, was carefully designed to reflect the magazine’s distinctive look and make the evening a highly recognisable event. Guests included some of the most influential people in business and politics, including Jessica Sibley, CEO of TIME Magazine, Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce, and Klaus Schwab, the visionary founder of the World Economic Forum.

To conclude the dinner, the guests moved from the Cheesefactory to the Nuts&Co Lounge, also located in the AlpenGold Hotel. There they were welcomed by the soft glow of candles and a warm, inviting atmosphere. They were also treated to a traditional sake ceremony, which added a special touch to the evening. Over exquisite cocktails and delicacies, the exclusively invited guests took the opportunity to exchange ideas and network. Outside on the terrace, surrounded by the snowy Davos landscape, guests could roast marshmallows over a crackling fire bowl.

It was an evening that perfectly captured the essence of Time Magazine – bold, inspiring and unforgettable.

Facts & Figures

Client: TIME Magazine

Category: Corporate Events | Annual Meeting Davos

Location: Cheesefactory und Restaurant Nuts&Co, AlpenGold Hotel, Davos

Date: January 16, 2023

Our assignment: Planning, organisation and implementation of the T100 Dinner and the TIME Reception


Production & CD: Live Lab AG 

Director: Live Lab AG

Camera & Light: Live Lab AG

Photos: Christian Hutter

Post-production: Live Lab AG


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