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Zircon Medical Management AG | Patent Dental Conference

The ideal mix of central information and local experiences

Around the publication of an important study, Zircon Medical informed the professional audience throughout Europe about the advantages of their PatentTM dental implants in autumn 2021. Live Lab designed the hybrid satellite event and realised the main event hub in Zurich.

Presentation with launch character: At the Patent™ Dental Conference, a long-term study was presented for the first time that scientifically proves the advantages of Zircon Medical’s Patent™ dental implants over conventional titanium implants. 

Live Lab supported Zircon Medical in the conception and implemented the main event in Zurich within only three weeks. The hybrid implementation allowed for the appearance of several high-profile expert speakers and maximum reach combined with important, personal interactions with the regional sales teams. Our film team accompanied the event in its implementation and produced social media content from the event in Zurich as well as testimonial videos of the speakers. 

The main program of introductions and speaker presentations was presented at JED in front of an LED studio wall and streamed live to Brussels, Munich, Vienna and Paris. Local presentations and coffee breaks followed in all locations, including Zurich, before reconvening online for hybrid Q&A. The event concluded on-site with a flying lunch and networking. 


Facts & Figures

Client: Zircon Medical Management AG 

Category: Hybrid events | Corporate events | Event video | Social media content 

Location: JED, Schlieren 

Date: September 11th 2021 

Our assignment: Conception of the Europe-wide hybrid launch and information event, as well as local implementation and video documentation of the event. 

CLIENT Zircon Medical Management AG 

CAMERA Fabricio Bolla 



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