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Estée Lauder Companies | Breast Cancer Campaign 2022

Commitment & Unity // Pink Illumination

2022 marked the 30th anniversary of the Estée Lauder Companies' Breast Cancer Campaign. Under the motto "Commitment & Unity," we made a statement above the rooftops of Zurich with a seven-meter-high collective artwork.

The Uetliberg, Zurich’s local mountain, was the venue for the event. 220 guests dressed in pink, consisting of influencers, press representatives and VIPs, had to be activated as an Estée Lauder community that evening and to create images and scenes that landed on the guests’ social media channels and were diligently shared. For the anniversary of the Breast Cancer Campaign, we developed a new mechanism and unceremoniously made the guests the protagonists of the evening and the activation. As a community, we let them create something whose size they themselves could only imagine at first.

The welcoming speech was given by Maike Kiessling, General Manager of Estée Lauder Companies DACH, while Alexandra Maurer, as moderator, led through the program items of the evening and soon invited the guests to become part of a special joint action and set a sign above the city: Several seven-meter-long steles were now pasted by the guests with pictures of past activations and community events at marked locations. A lively workshop situation with many spontaneous encounters and experiences emerged. While the guests enjoyed the flying dinner with a concert performance by RnB singer Pilar Vega afterwards, the steles were fixed and covered outside on a pedestal with a spectacular view of the city.

The unveiling of the jointly created, seven-meter-high Pink Ribbon sculpture was the highlight of the event and at the same time the “most Instagrammable moment”. Assembled, the jointly created sculpture clearly presented the message of the evening to the guests and the whole of Zurich: “Commitment & Unity”. A strong commitment against breast cancer for 30 years. The pink glowing TV tower on the Uetliberg in the background and the panorama of the city of Zurich awakening at night provided the perfect backdrop for photo and video shoots for press and influencers.

After the unveiling, DJane Anina Frey set the mood for the guests. An interactive selfie mirror and 360-degree video station generated additional shareable content for social media. The 1.3 million impressions generated and shared by press and influencers that evening resulted in a total reach of 7 million people.

Facts & Figures

Client: Estée Lauder Companies Switzerland

Category: Corporate Events | PR Events | Event Video | Social Media Content

Location: Uetliberg, Zurich

Date: October 12, 2022

Our assignment: Conception and implementation of the Breast Cancer Campaign 2022 including “Pink Ribbon Illumination»


Production & CD: Live Lab AG

Director: Live Lab AG

Camera & Lighting: Live Lab AG, Chris Reist

Photos: Alfonso Smith Photography

Postproduction: Live Lab AG


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