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Salesforce | World Tour Essentials Zurich 2023

Salesforce | World Tour Essentials Zurich 2023, ,

Together in transformation

The joy of sharing ideas and knowledge on topics such as AI, data analytics and CRM was perfectly embedded in an atmosphere of lightness, fun and inspiration.

An impressive number of more than 1,400 participants came together at the World Tour Zurich to experience a day full of inspiration. The location has been completely remodeled to match the brand: Soothing green oases and technology elements created a harmonious environment for activity and networking. The entire space became a brand experience for guests, guiding them through Salesforce’s various offerings. Throughout the event, compelling customer success stories were shared. More than 50 breakout sessions allowed guests to dive deep into various topics and expand their knowledge. A variety of innovations and technologies were also showcased with the participation of 16 sponsoring partners. But the event not only provided a wealth of up-to-date information, it also allowed for extensive networking led by experienced industry experts.

The tangible, dynamic developments in the areas of artificial intelligence, data analysis and customer relationship management, as well as the important role of each individual in the transformation process, were ever-present. Participants not only experienced knowledge transfer, but were also part of a community committed to shaping the future. The World Tour Zurich was not just an event, but a powerful catalyst for change, driven by the enthusiasm and commitment of each individual.

Live Lab ensured that “The Hall” was optimally utilized to meet Salesforce’s needs. The spacious auditorium was the perfect venue for the opening and keynote speeches, while the expo hall and terrace provided ample space for partners and sponsors. All of this was complemented by a variety of hospitality areas with excellent catering. The use of headphones allowed the silent breakout sessions to easily complement the engaging program. Another highlight was the transformation of one room into a natural experience: guests met in the basement for further meetings and selected product presentations to the sound of pine trees and birdsong.

Facts & Figures

Client: Salesforce

Category: Corporate Events | Major events

Location: The Hall, Dübendorf Zurich

Date: November 8, 2023

Our assignment: Planning and implementation of the overall event


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