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Uster Technologies | 360Q Communication

From hardware specialist to 360-degree service provider

Uster Technologies is a leading provider of quality control solutions for the textile industry. Traditionally focused on hardware, the Swiss company is undergoing a transformation towards a more holistic portfolio including software and consulting. Live Lab made this transformation the headline at the industry's innovation fair with «Think Quality Next Level», creating a new, forward-looking positioning for Uster within the market.

Uster Technologies develops and distributes state-of-the-art measuring and testing equipment as well as software solutions for textile production. The current transformation is an important step for the company, as the product innovations expand the portfolio in a new direction and go hand in hand with a completely new business model. How do you communicate this repositioning in line with the traditional essence of the brand and at the same time appeal to both existing and new customers?

In the communication strategy, we emphasised the innovative strength and pioneering spirit behind this development, which has always driven Uster. Uster is synonymous with quality. This attitude is also reflected in the claim “Think Quality”. With the new product group, Uster is going one step further and thinking quality beyond the hardware and software level with a groundbreaking 360-degree approach: Think Quality Next Level with Uster 360Q.

On the way to this storyline, we strategically supported Uster in developing the repositioning and defining the USPs of the new products. Live Lab then translated the resulting insights into the 360Q story. The narrative deliberately serves as a framework for the launch products of 2023 and for the larger vision: a future in which spinning mills and Uster together achieve unprecedented levels of quality and efficiency gains through the combination of excellent hardware, data-driven software and expert know-how.

From this core message we derived the communication strategy. From the product name and central pictogram to the design of the accompanying brochure, website adaptation and new imagery, we developed the basic branding framework for the new 360Q products.

At the heart of the communication is the vision film, in which we tell the story of “Think Quality Next Level”. We visualised the three performance levels of 360Q solutions in the everyday context of textile production and supported them visually with arrow and text animations. The scenes were filmed under our direction with a local service provider in India and supplemented with shots at the headquarters in Uster. The actors were all employees of Uster itself or of the textile production customer where we were allowed to film. The result was an authentic insight into the future of textile quality assurance.

Parallel to the development, we coordinated the integration of communication into the ITMA 2023 booth in close collaboration with our group partner Messerli. Thanks to the strategic approach and efficient co-creation with all parties involved, the 360Q story quickly became the core of the new exhibition concept. Uster succeeded in getting customers excited about the 360Q products at the trade fair and can now develop the services further in close partnership.

Facts & Figures

Client: Uster Technologies

Category: Corporate Video | Communication

Location: Uster, Switzerland

Date: Spring and Summer 2023

Our assignment: Strategy, conception and partial realisation of the communication measures for the launch of an innovative product group from Uster Technologies


Idea, concept und direction: Live Lab

Service production India: Giant Films Private Limited & Kartik Dengle

Production / Camera Switzerland: Live Lab

Post-production: Live Lab


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